The world is smaller than you think. With cities around the world under constant threat of loosing liberty and freedom the burden of saving them falls on to one man. The newest president of the most powerful and free country in the world!

Read through your twit feed and gather clues to which city is the latest victim too oppression. Once you know who needs liberating unleash a barrage of freedom upon them! Be careful though, should you pick the wrong city there will be consequences.

Freedumb was created in 72hrs for Ludem Dare Jam 38.
Design and programming by Mike Stichling
Graphics and programming by Georg Kerpert

*Disclaimer: All characters and events depicted are entirely fictional and are played up for humor. Any resemblance to real world events or people is purely coincidental. We apologize if we have offended you, as it is not our intention. Music is sourced from various royalty free sites including and are public domain to the best of our knowledge.

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